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Brihat Cluster-Balkhu

Brihat Cluster-Balkhu

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Our project incorporates a range of eco-friendly products and concepts. Its main features includes

  1. Solar electricity provision
  2. Rain water recharge for water conservation
  3. Proper garbage disposal system for waste management

Salient Feature

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Balkhu, Brihat Cluster - Balkhu is just 1.3 Km from Tribhuwan University, 600m from Vayodha Hospital,

2.2 Km from Kalanki Chowk and 4.5 Km from New Road.
Come and enjoy the benefits of modern cluster housing with all the amenities in closer proximity.


  • Potable drinking water from Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) 
  • Electrical lines from NEA
  • Sewerages lines
  • Separeate outlet for waste products & rainwater drains
  • Wide paved roads
  • Easy access to public transportation


Contemporary homes, designed to cater form modern living, Brihat Cluster - Balkhu offers excellent value houses built to the highest standard.

  • Each plot has parking space, lawn in the front yard and in some cases in the backyard as well
  • Minimum 3 bedroom units and all Master bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Laundary area, puja room and store in each house

Master Plan